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Full Production Artist Recordings and Song Demo Services

  • Single Songs, EP’s, Complete Album Projects.

Mixing and Mastering :

  • Single Songs, EP’s, Complete Album Projects.

Online Drum Tracks:

  • Acoustic Drums or Midi Files
  • Single Songs, EP’s, Complete Album Projects.

Online Music Tracks:

  • UAP works with artists and songwriters from around the world. Many who have never stepped foot in Nashville. In addition to communication technologies, file transfer capabilities now allow collaboration with the UAP’s Nashville creative community on your projects. Peter has recorded and produced many recordings and albums for clients from around the globe this way.


  • We design you a recording budget to fit your bands specific needs.

String Arrangements:

  • Maurizio Fiaschi is an Italian composer / maestro from Milan Italy. He brings years of studying composition and performing experiences to his arrangements. Maurirzio is now working with UAP via the internet so you can have world-class strings on your songs. See Maurizio’s background here. http://www.mauriziofiaschi.com

Pre Production:

  • Preparation is the key to success in the studio. UAP works closely with it’s songwriters , artists and bands to make sure each song’s form, key, tempo and instrumentation are “working in harmony” for a successful end result. Can’t stress it enough .. Pre Production is key !

Communication :

  • We like to communicate..! With modern communication tools, personal and satisfying pre-production and relationship-building can be achieved from anywhere in the world. With products such as Skype, Facetime every aspect of your recording can be handled “in-person” with Peter. Clients can also depend on detailed follow-up by email.

Musicians Available:

  • Sessions at UAP feature musicians that have recorded or toured with major label recording artists, including Wynonna, Loretta Lynn, Randy Houser, Keith Anderson, Luke Bryan, Brooks and Dunn, John Fogerty, Richard Marx, Nanci Griffith, Tanya Tucker, Lee Greenwood and Billy Joel. If you want a specific musician on your session, let us know and we’ll do our best to make the arrangements with that certain player.


  • Our choice tracking studio is at “Studio 19″ Now at the Sound Kitchen in Franklin , Tn. We also have recorded at many other great studio’s in Nashville too.
  • The control room at Studio 19 features a Neve VR72 series console, racks of 1176′s, La3′s,Teletronics LA-2A. Protools HD and a Studer 2″ 24 track tape machine classic analog warmth of 2″ tape.
  • Peter also has a private mix studio located in the RCA Studio A building in Nashville .
  • Great gear and seasoned know-how insures that your music jumps out of the speakers!


  • Yamaha C-7 grand piano
  • Vintage Hammond B-3 organ with Leslie speaker
  • AKG, Audio Technica, Shure, Neumann U87 U67 ,Cole microphones
  • Acoustic Drums – Yamaha recording and maple custom drums, vintage Gretsch, Ludwig and Slingerland drum kits, various snares, cymbals.
  • Midi Drum Kit – Alesis Studio Pro kit. Triggering Superior drummer, Ez drummer and BFD.
  • Keyboards – Studio Logic 88 key controler, Tons of sounds.
  • Amps – Fender, Vox and Marshal guitar amps. Ampeg bass amps. (Upon request & subject to rental fee).
  • Guitars – Taylor acoustic guitars, Fender telecasters, Stratacasters, Les Pauls (Upon request & subject to rental fee).