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Ultra Audio Productions strives to keep good company when creating music.

With a city full of recording studios , the main studio we like to use for our recordings is “Studio 19″ . 

Studio 19 was on Nashville’s Music Row for over 40 years. Their past client list included everyone from Ringo Starr, Dolly Parton ,Allison Krauss, Garth Brooks , Alan Jackson and Faith Hill . In 2015 Studio 19 relocated it’s studio to “Studio A” inside the famous Sound Kitchen studio complex just a few miles south of Nashville .The list of who’s recorded in this new room is impressive. Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Bruce Springsteen, Darius Rucker, Faith Hill, Keith Urban,George Jones, Lynyrd Skynyard to name a few. This studio has an incredible tracking room and gear to make great sounding tracks!

Peter also has his day to day work space/mix room located off site from Studio 19 where he records drums, mixes and masters his projects depending on the budget.

Producer Peter Young and his creative team of musicians and engineers will create career changing recordings in these world class studio’s for you.

Make your music the best it can be. Start with the sound of a great recording studio !

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