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Music Production and Recording Services
for Songwriters , Recording Artist’s & Producers .


Welcome to Ultra Audio Productions . Established in 2005 , our main goal was to serve the songwriter and indie recording artist community . Since then, our clients have come to us from all area’s of the world. All levels , all styles . We try to make people feel comfortable and confident when choosing to work with us as we know you have many options when choosing a producer and studio. From your initial contact whether you drop us an email, text or call to your final and master mix, Ultra Audio Productions strives to bring excellence to every phase of your recording project. Let’s get started!

Meet your producer – Peter Young

Peter Young –  Independent american music producer, drummer, mix engineer , songwriter and arranger. Committed to serving indie artists and songwriters with their demo and master recordings, Peter provides leadership and expertise at every stage of his recordings. Read More

“Your music should sound like your music, not like everybody else’s.”
-Peter Young

Online Recordings

Yes – We specialize in online recording services for those that can’t make the trip to Nashville to record . You can work with the finest Nashville musicians and vocalist on your recordings without leaving your home town . Collaborate all via the internet. Peter and his creative team makes it easy . Learn More.


Master Recordings, Songwriter Demos, Mixing, Mastering, Song Arranging,Vocal tuning. Producer Peter Young leads a team of seasoned musicians and engineers to provide top-flight personal and creative support for songwriters and artists recordings. Learn More.

Our Work

Listen to our recordings .  Country, Rock, Americana, Jazz, Singer-songwriter, Film an TV music. Learn More.

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“A great team to work with and a professional sound. They’re people who understand the sound that one seeks with excellent facilities to record in. They are the Best! ”

-Fred T.Chirivella, Guitarist Songwriter,Artist
Puerto Rico