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Indie Recordings & Songwriter Demos

  • Singles, EP’s, Demos.

Mixing & Mastering :

  • We offer In The Box Mixing or Analog Console Mixing. Our mixes deliver a clean, clear crisp sound that translates on all streaming music platforms.

Drum Tracks:

  • Acoustic Drums or Midi Files

Music Tracks :

  • We’ll record your song and send your files back so you can mix .

Pre Production:

  • UAP works closely to make sure your song’s form, key, tempo and instrumentation are “working in harmony” for a successful end result.

Communication :

  • With modern communication tools such as Zoom, Skype and Facetime every aspect of your recording can be handled “in-person” with Peter.

Musicians Available:

  • Our sessions feature Nashville musicians .


We use different studios in the Nashville, Franklin, Spring Hill,Tn area.

  • The big room studio is “Studio 19″ in Franklin, Tn. This studio features a Neve VR72 series console, Protools HD and a Studer 2″ 24 track tape machine .
  • “Alchematic Recording” in Franklin,Tn features an SSL console, lots of  Pultec, Neve outboard gear and a rock n roll vibe .
  • “White Rock Studio’s” in Spring Hill,Tn. It’s a cool project studio with a great relaxing and vibey feel !
  • Peter also records at his private mix studio at his personal home.