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Send your pre-existing tracks as seperate stems to Peter and he will balance and blend all the tracks with the right touch of eq, compression . Along with use of ambient and special effects reverbs / delays etc to create a “High Fidelity Radio Ready” mix.


What is Mastering? Mastering is the last process of sonically balancing your final mixes. It can take your mixes to the next level by adding punch, clarity and volume while preserving the dynamic’s within the track. If your wanting your track Radio Radio – then master your song. Send Peter your final stereo mix, hear the difference.

Drum Tracks:

Acoustic Drum Tracks or Midi Drum Files are available. Peter’s a world-class drummer . He can lay down a solid groove for your song then send you back 10 dry acoustic tracks along with a stereo pre mixed drum file to drop into your tune. Prefer midi drum tracks ? Let Peter’s performance play your favorite drum software like Superior drummer, EZ drummer, Addictive drums, Oceanway drums or any other module. Get a great performance track, change sounds, move beats, make edits. http://nashvilledrumtracks.com


String Arrangements:

Maurizio Fiaschi is an Italian composer / maestro from Milan Italy. He brings his years of studying composition and performing experiences to his arrangements. Maurirzio is now working with UAP via the internet so you can have world-class strings on your songs.http://www.mauriziofiaschi.com/about


Contact Peter for info on rates for these services.