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How time flys

Well, How time fly’s is my title … I turned around and it’s aug 2018. So I’m looking at things a little different these days. First, I’m thankful for all the wonderful clients and friends that come to me for producing their music. In a world with so many options I am grateful for each and every one of you for choosing me. Thank you !!

Second, summer is over here in Nashville. School is back in session and I thought I’d turn over a new leaf and do my best to update ,update and update all my sites. There’s been a lot of great work going on and my goal is to post all the cool session’s and artist and update UAP to 2018. What a concept. I know , i know it’s easier said than done but dag nab it, I’m going to put in the hustle and the time to bring my sites and work up to date . So stay tune and wish me luck !!

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Foot Shooter has EP Mixed at UAP

Memphis’s Foot Shooter reached out to UAP’s Mixer/Producer Peter Young to mix 5 of the 6 tracks on there latest EP “Socialite”. Foot Shooters Shane Ellis is the bands main writer and lead vocalist. The sound is an Alt Indie rock band combining that memphis sound of brass on a few cuts along with a modern band feel. This band has great song writing and a unique refreshing sound. https://soundcloud.com/shane-ellis-8/sets/socialite

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Italy’s Virginia Ruspini Records


New single release by Italian singer Virginia Ruspini. Written by Itialian composer / maestro Maurizio Fiaschi , Nashville’s Kevin Mason and UAP producer Pete Young. Sept. 2016.

Virginia was born in Genoa , Italy, she started singing when she was very young and since then she never stopped. She loves various styles of music, jazz , country, pop, musicals .

She is at the moment studying Drama at the East 15 Drama school in London UK.
She’s participated in various shows on Italian and French TV . (Italia’s got talent-ti lascio una canzone in Italy and the Voice Kids in France) . Listen or purchase here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/virginiaruspini

Maurizio Fiaschi is a world-class Italian composer now available through UAP for film scores , string arrangements, songwriting . More info here http://www.mauriziofiaschi.com

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Joe Galbato releases Debut CD

Joe Galbato releases his debut cd ” Dreams” .  Joe writes about real life things going in his life and what’s happening around us in the world today. He may spend his daytime hours working for the state of Tennessee but his nights are filled with melody’s and lyrics. People are loving his songs and good things are on the horizon for him. New Ep on the way and some live shows possible too. Listen and support his music here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/joegalbato

Joe Galbato Cd Cover

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India – Shweta Subram


Discover Your Roots with Shweta Subram’s India
Immediate Release Aug 2015
The well-known Indo-Canadian singer, Shweta Subram, has a gift for you to celebrate India’s 69th Independence Day. In collaboration with Qyuki and the American composer, Ken Coleman, Shweta presents India – a catchy ballad about someone discovering herself in India. The song has been produced by Ken and Peter Young.
Throughout all of history, India has watered the root of every spiritual tradition and attracted mystics and seekers asking the question “Who am I?” India is about one such seeker returning to the land of her ancestral roots. The song is composed with a unique fusion of Western and Indian instrumentation and features the sitar maestro Ravi Chary, Debu Nayak on tabla, Preetinder Singh Dhinsa on taus, Bob Hatter on guitar, David Santos on bass, and Peter Young on drums from Nashville ,Tn. This project was recorded in Mumbai, Nashville @ Ultra Audio Productions, Northern Virginia, and Ottawa and mixed and mastered by Nicolas Laget.
The music video showcases Shweta as she blissfully wanders in solitude and reminisces her journey in India. The video producer, Jibran Khan, blended in shots of various Indian attractions to present a seamless journey as the song progresses.
Check out India by Shweta Subram at https://youtu.be/0I1PPS0Um6g
Shweta Subram has brought Indian music to the mainstream North American audience through her collaboration with The Piano Guys. In addition, she has lent her voice for Dil-e-Nadaan with Ayushmann Khurrana for Hawaizaada, performed at the IIFA Awards with Salim-Sulaiman, featured with Shankar Tucker for Mere Saajan Sun Sun, and has released a tribute to evolution of Bollywood music. She performed the Indian and Canadian national anthems alongside India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper when the former visited Canada, and is the youngest vocalist of South Asian origin to have performed at the esteemed Carnegie Hall in New York.

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Jake Dodds – The Debut EP

AVAILABLE NOW ! June 24,2015 . Its been a long road to get here and i couldn’t be more excited for you all to hear this new music! I dreamed for a long time about this as a kid, but never really thought it would happen. It feels really good. I hope you enjoy it. Get it on Itunes here https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jake-dodds-ep/id975718776
Recorded at Studio 19 By Kyle Hershman, Produced & Mixed by Peter Young – Ultra Audio Productions , Nashville , TN.

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