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How time flys

Well, How time fly’s is my title … I turned around and it’s aug 2018. So I’m looking at things a little different these days. First, I’m thankful for all the wonderful clients and friends that come to me for producing their music. In a world with so many options I am grateful for each and every one of you for choosing me. Thank you !!

Second, summer is over here in Nashville. School is back in session and I thought I’d turn over a new leaf and do my best to update ,update and update all my sites. There’s been a lot of great work going on and my goal is to post all the cool session’s and artist and update UAP to 2018. What a concept. I know , i know it’s easier said than done but dag nab it, I’m going to put in the hustle and the time to bring my sites and work up to date . So stay tune and wish me luck !!

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