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Make a call or send an email. When you call you’ll speak directly with Peter. If you email, he’ll respond in a timely manor.

Discuss your intentions. Demo services or Master recording ?  Talk about your songs, budgets, payments, musicians needed, timeline from start to finish of the project. Peter will answer any questions you may have to help give you a better idea on how he records for you at Ultra Audio Productions.

Present your song or songs. Send a rough draft over for review. After listening, Peter will get back to you to discuss your song. Once the songs are chosen, pre production comes next. Pre production is where we get a good idea of the arrangement plus discuss any important parts that may need to be addressed. Peter will inject his thoughts and idea’s but never rewriting your song, just positive reinforcement to help get your song to the next level.

Charting your song is next. A short preproduction meeting with a guitarist to go over your song prior to recording will take place. Setting a session date and booking musicians comes next.

If you’re planning on coming to Nashville to record, you will also meet with Peter to have a pre-production meeting to go over the songs and discusss any changes that have been made to prepare for your recording session. Pre-Production makes better recordings!

Recording your songs. We get the musicians together in the same room and work as a collective team to record your songs. First we record the basic tracks. Once all the parts have been recorded, we then re-record the vocals so we can spend time getting a great vocal performance.

Editing and Mixing . Once Peter has a good working mix he will send you an Mp3 for reference or stop by the studio to listen if you’re in Nashville. After any changes are made then another mix will be sent out again for your review. Upon approval of the mix the last step for the recording is mastering.

Mastering . Mastering will give your songs the gloss and sheen to make it sound like a completed master recording. Upon completion your recording will be ready with the proper files needed for duplication or setting up for downloading via the internet.