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RJM_0027Meet Peter Young

Like bricks and mortar Peter Young has built his career as a drummer and producer one song at a time. On stage or in the studio, Peter brings his broad-based background into the mix.

Peter was born in the mid 60s in Saratoga Springs, New York. He grew up in a musical family and his exposure to a variety of musical styles helped develop his skills. He took to the drums at age 7, and then throughout his school days he studied privately and performed in diverse settings, including drum & bugle corps, summer stock theater, and live gigs with country, pop, jazz and rock groups.

“Being able to be part of different musical situations when growing up really helped me understand the dynamics within different styles of music. That’s been a great asset when working and producing various songwriters and artist.”

By the mid 80s Peter began working professionally, and, influenced by many of the top studio drummers in NYC and LA, he headed to New York to study privately at the legendary drum school, the ”Drummers Collective,” where his teachers include jazz-funk drummer Mike Clark (Herbie Hancock) and New Orleans great Ricky Sebastian.

In 1991 Peter relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, and toured with Atlantic Recording artist Robin Lee (“Black Velvet”), opening shows for nearly every major country artist of the time. After this successful introduction, Peter gigged with Ricky Van Shelton, Bob Woodruff, Chely Wright , Brett James and Walter Egan among many other gigs through the 90’s. Peter joined the Loretta Lynn tour in 1997 and toured with her for 5 years, always returning to Nashville between tours to hustle up showcase gigs and recording sessions.

In 2001, Peter decided to get off the road, help raise his two sons, and focus on session work and producing. Peter launched an internet drum track business “ Nashville Drum Tracks”. Even as his local clientele grew, the response to online ads skyrocketed, prompting Peter to quickly add full custom audio production to his services for songwriters and artists around the world. It was during this time that Ultra Audio Productions was born.

“Collaborating with clients via the internet has become the norm,” says Peter. “Working with talented people from all over the world to bring their songs to a new level, gives me a satisfaction that I never thought would be possible. “The music is just a mouse-click away and I can work with someone in London or Los Angeles as easy as I can with someone right here in Nashville.”

Now, over two decades after arriving in Nashville, the building blocks of Peter’s success have become a new home – the Nashville home for songwriters, artists and producers around the world. With Peter’s easy manner and diversity of experiences, he offers a uniquely personal and cost-effective opportunity to collaborate with the creative culture of Music City.


Extensive list of sesssions, gigs and tours, here you go!

Various Live Drumming Perfomances with:
Loretta Lynn (Grammy Winning Classic Country Recording Legend)
Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Competition (Tour Drummer)
Brett James (2007 Grammy winner-Song of the yr) Arista Records
Bob Woodruff (Asylum Records)
Chely Wright (MCA Records)
Ricky Van Shelton (Columbia)
Robin Lee (Altantic Records)
Grand ol Opry Legends Fest Tour
Walter Egan (Hit Songwriter/Recording Artist – Magnet & Steel)
Gary Talley (Guitarist/The Box Top…The Letter)
Calum Martin (Celtic /Scottish Recording Artist)

Clients that use Ultra Audio Productions :
Brett Detar – LA/Nashville/NYC – Songwriter/Recording Artist- RavenSong Records
Brad Wilde – Michigan Songwriter/Recording Artist
Eric Clark – Michigan – Songwriter
Shane Ellis – Michigan – Songwriter
Chuck White – Michigan – Songwriter
Davey Davis – Vermont – Singer/Songwriter
Rick Davis – Vermont – Songwriter
Tad Davis – Vermont – Songwriter/Recording Artist
Duke Browning – TX – Songwriter-SingSongsAmerican Publishing Co.
Mark Hendry – TX – Singer/songwriter
The Eddie Band – Tx- Original rock band
Tressie Seegers – TX – Singer/songwriter
Kevin Savigar – LA – hit songwriter Rod Stewart (Forever Young)
Jeff Silbar – LA – hit songwriter (Wind Beneath my wings)
The Brights – KY – Songwriters/Artist
Tramel James – KY – Songwriter/Artist
Mark Melloan – KY – Singer Songwriter
Steve Stone – Alabama-Songwriter/ the Lenord Cohen of Country Music
Arvel Bird – Nashville /Arizona Native American Recording Artist
Stuart Colman – Nashville/NYC Hit Producer (Shakin Stevens,Jeff Beck,Little Richard)
Levi Massie – Nashville – Singer/Songwriter
Mad Hatter Band – Nashville- Classic Rock Band
Josh Osbourne – Nashville – Hit Songwriter
Scott Dorman – Nashville – Songwriter
Voodoo Chili Band – Nashville – Original Rock
Melva Lee – Nashville – Singer/Artist
Melany Watson – Nashville – Singer/Artist
Gods Child Records – Nashville – Southern gospel label
Heather Morris – Nashville – Singer/songwriter
Lorna Flowers – Nashville – Songwriter
Dan Huitts – Nashville – Instrumental guitar player
Paul Sanderson – Nashville – Singersongwriter
Morgan Cryer – Nashville – Hit Christian Songwriter/Artist
Alison Williams – Nashville – singer/songwriter
Crew 22 – Nashville – Music Production Co
Randy Jack Wiggins – Nashville – Little House Records
Kelly Lang – Nashville – Singer Songwriter
Bloom Road Music – Nashville – Songwriters (2007 Grammy Winner-Polka)

INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS recording with Ultra Audio Productions
Calum Martin – Uk- Scotland – Songwriter/Recording Artist (Ridge Records)
Isobel Ann Martin – Uk- Scotland – songwriter/Recording Artist
Dean johnson – UK- Liverpool- Songwriter/Recording Artist
jennifer Bolton – UK- Dance/house Songwriter/Recording Artist
Kenny Stewart – Uk- Scotland – Songwriter/Recording Artist
Willie Campbell – Uk- Scotland – Songwriter/Recording Artist
The BBC Scotland – UK- TV Broadcasting Company
Mal Gray – Uk- Songwriter – Rockabilly Recording Artist
Phil Ogden – Uk- Songwriter – Producer
Johnny Earl – Uk- England – Recording Artist
Graeme Stephen – Uk- Edinburgh Scotland – Jazz Recording Artist
Fraser fifield – Uk- Edinburgh Scotland – Jazz Recording Artist
Blair Douglas – Uk- Scotlands Composer of the yr 2009 (Ridge Records)
Andrew Mitchell – UK- Scottish Christian Artist
Maria Pia – Argentina- NM Songwriter
Mark Watson – British Columbia Canada – Songwriter

SongCamp – NYC Duo – songwriters/Artist
Paul Rolnic – NYC Singer/songwriter/vocalist/Producer
Roger Day – Nashville Childrens Recording Artist
Tirk Wilder – Nashville- Songwriter (Walker TX Ranger Theme)
Noah&Jessy Bellamy – Nashville Duo -Singer Songwriters
John Nanni – Nashville Songwriter/producer
Vince Constantino – Phildelphia -Songwriter/Musician/producer
Brian Duffy – LA – Songwriter/Rock Artist
Mike Sneed – Michigan – Songwriter
Steve Watson – Atlanta – Songwriter
Andrew Mitchell – UK- Scottish Christian Artist
Mark Watson – British Columbia Canada- Singer Songwriter